Clarisse Bardiot : Design & project management

Clarisse Bardiot is a researcher, publisher and curator, who has been working in the fields of digital performances history, digital humanities, documentation and preservation of time based media art works, and digital publishing.

Buzzing Light : Design & development

Buzzing Light is an interactive design studio based in Paris. We focus on crafting interactions for cultural institutions and creative tools for digital artists, with close attention to design and user experience.

Thierry Coduys : Consultant

Versatile artist, musician, specialist in new technologies, Thierry Coduys is particularly interested in projects connecting interactivity and contemporary art. Since 1986, he has worked closely with composers and has created numerous electroacoustic and computer systems

Edwige Perrot : Teaching

Edwige Perrot holds a PhD in performing arts. She teaches litterature and contemporary theatre from middle school to university.

From Rekall to MemoRekall

MemoRekall is part of a larger project on the documentation, preservation and analysis of performing arts. Initiated by Clarisse Bardiot since 2006, it lead to the development of Rekall, an open-source environment. Further to this first experiment, the team decided to develop a tool for video annotation: MemoRekall. It was released in 2015. This work is supported by many cultural institutions and the French Ministry of Culture.